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Set up a winning profile on a free hookup dating site

hookup dating site

Free hookup dating site: a guide to setting up your profile

You don’t have too much time when looking for someone to get laid on a free hookup dating site. That’s why it’s important to set up an interesting and eye-catchy profile that would immediately attract someone’s attention. Online hookup platforms are great places to meet like-minded people and get laid in no time. And it’s strongly recommended to take trouble over setting up a proper page, even if you consider it too time-consuming. You won’t regret it in the long run. Generally speaking, a winning profile on a free hookup dating site should have three things - a great profile picture, a short, but informative and well-written bio, and a call for action. There is no second chance to make a first impression – keep this in mind when setting up your profile. The moment a girl sees your page, she will immediately make judgement about your personality. It takes her a few seconds to decide whether she likes you or not. If you’re not impressive enough, you’ll be swiped left (or rejected in some other way, depending on a site’s policies). Don’t let this happen. With a strong and promising profile, you’ll increase your chances of getting laid as quickly as possible.

Picking up the right kind of profile picture

On a free hookup dating site, your picture is the first thing that people see when you profile comes up in their searches. If they like what they see, they’ll want to get to know you. But if they don’t, you’ll get rejected without hesitation. A picture that is blurry, with a group of people, at a strange angle, a bathroom selfie, or an old image can turn off a potential match. A winning profile photo on a hookup site requires much more thought behind it than one may think. Here are a few recommendations on choosing the right kind of pictures:
  • If a photo looks too professional, people might think that you’re arrogant and serious. This is the wrong move as most people on hookup sites expect to have fun. So make sure you photo is more casual and cute.
  • A great profile picture on a free hookup dating site should give an idea about your personality. If you like to play the guitar, put up a photo of you holding it lovingly and touching the strings. If you’re an avid gardener, upload a picture of yourself amidst the greens of your garden.
  • Avoid photos of flowers, pets, babies or celebrities. A person on a hookup website wants to see your face and body. They consider having a hookup with you, not with your favourite celebrity. SO make sure a person has a clear idea about you appearance.
  • Don’t forget to look cheerful and care free in photos. A genuine smile will set you potential matches at ease and increase your response rate like anything.
  • Lighting and angles is all important when you take pictures for a hookup profile. Make sure your photos are not dark and grainy, and also avoid taking snaps from below – it almost never gives a good result.
  • Make sure you don’t look miserable or utterly unhappy. When people join with a free hookup dating site, they expect to find someone fun. You shouldn’t look as if you’re going to burden them with your problems. Looking aggressive and domineering is also a big no no. It’s no secret that some people enjoy a little bit of aggression in bed, but overall it can drastically decrease your chances of getting laid. No one likes to fel intimidated or even threatened.

Pay attention to details

When you write in your profile’s bio section, make sure your introduction reflects who you are. You can’t expect an easy hookup when you’re just like anyone else. One has to stand out of the crowd in order to get laid in no time. When people read your profile, they should trust you. And it’s your sincerity and honesty that make you sound trustworthy. Try to tell a unique story of who you are. It should sound so intriguing that people would want to get to know you better. Try to point out the most interesting things about your personality that would also fit with your pictures. This way everything will come together perfectly. Make sure to reread your profile and correct possible mistakes or typos. Poor grammar is a big turn-off for many people, too. You’re more likely to find a hookup if your profile displays intelligence, wit, and sense of humour. If you lave typos and confusing statements in your bio, people will get an impression that you don’t take the whole thing seriously and it doesn’t really matter to you how you present yourself. No one wants to hookup with a person who doesn’t give a damn about other people’s thoughts and feelings.

Come up with an epic opening line

According to statistics, a person’s chances of a quick hookup increase like anything if they manage to come up with a great opening line in their profile. Generally speaking, most users of a free hookup dating site would look at pictures and opening lines, and make judgements about a person based upon those. If they like what they see, they will read the rest of one’s introduction. Make sure the opening line of your choice fits with your personality and adds to the image you’re trying to portrait. It should be funny and witty, too. Puns are usually appreciated on hookup sites, but you should make sure they don’t sound vulgar, otherwise a person will move on to another profile. As a matter of fact, when you set up a profile on a hookup website, you should ask yourself what kind of people you’re trying to attract. What character traits should they possess? How intelligent are they supposed to be? Think about their age group and interests. This will help you to come up with the right sort of an opening line that will not look out of place. It could even be a little provocative and naughty, as long as it doesn’t sound crude. If you try to show off with your sexuality, you should do it in a fun and unobtrusive manner rather than portraying yourself as a pervert.

Your call for action

A call for action is a trick that is often used in marketing strategies and by bloggers. If you read a few posts of some popular Instagram or Facebook influencers, you may notice that all of them extensively use a call for action: “like my photo”, “subscribe to my website”, “clock the link”, “check out my latest article”, “ buy this product”, and so on. You can do the same. If a person is encouraged to send you a message or an expression of interest, they are more likely to do so. It can also give one a feeling that you speak to them personally. Under such circumstances, a person feels special and is more likely to get in touch with you. When browsing through countless profiles of strangers, it feels good to see a friendly message that seems to be addressing you. This sort of approach increases your chances of getting a response and eventually having a great hookup. These were just a few hints on how to set up a winning profile on a free hookup dating site. Needless to say, you should feel free to experiment and try new techniques. If something is not working as expected, you can always update your profile. The most important is to stay confident and think positively. Best of luck!